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Termite Warranty 101

Termite Warranty 101

Do you have a termite warranty on your home? Has your home had a recent termite treatment? Has it EVER had a termite treatment? What IS a termite warranty? When I joined the PPC family, I had questions just like this! I had no idea what the difference between termite warranties were. Let me break it down for you:


Termite Treatment

A termite treatment is the use of a termiticide to kill active termites or to prevent the infestation of termites in the future. Different companies choose to use different techniques and products, and when referring to the type of treatment, it may be written as “control measure” on your documents. The types of treatments available are: Soil treatment, Baiting system, or Wood treatment. Here at Preferred, we have found the most effective treatment in our climate is a soil treatment.

Types of Warranties

There are three types of termite warranties offered in Georgia: Repair & retreat, Retreat only, and Warranty only. For both Repair & retreat and Retreat only, your termite technician(s) will begin your service with a thorough termite treatment around all covered structures. This may include your home, garage, shed, or even a pool shed. (Warranty only coverage does not begin with a treatment.) For all three warranties, your home will be inspected annually to be sure there is no termite activity. In the case active termites are found, the cost of re-treatment is included with your repair & retreat or retreat only warranty. The cost of repairs on termite-damaged areas of your home are included only if you have a repair & retreat warranty.


To ensure your home is healthy and termite-free, find out if you have a termite warranty on your home. Preferred Pest Control will complete a FREE termite inspection for you and quote your home for a new termite treatment and warranty. If you don’t have one yet, you are missing out. Protect your home today!


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