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Winter is Coming – Wildlife Removal Season is Here!

Winter is Coming – Wildlife Removal Season is Here!

For many of us, summertime is the hot, humid part of the year when we need to look into pest control most often. After all, the insects (like termites and ants) in the Savannah area tend to breed and form infestations during the warmest months of the year, so we tend to ignore signs of pests in other seasons. However, with winter just around the corner, we, as a trusted pest management company, wanted to disseminate some very important information to our valued customers. Though new infestations are less likely to manifest in the winter months, many pests will persist through the winter if they already found their way into your home!

Most insects require a minimum temperature to survive; a temperature that is much greater than the cold of a Savannah winter. Therefore, fewer cases of pest infestation are reported due to massive insect die-offs as a result of the lower temperature. However, one must also consider the pests that aren’t subject to the extreme outside cold. Many pests, when confronted by the transitional season of autumn, search with renewed vigor for a warm place to over-winter. And just as humans find comfort inside the insulated walls of our homes, so will these insects and other pests.

Which pests are likely wintering in your home?

Many pests go into hibernation or through a natural cycle of dying off when winter comes. However, certain insect and wildlife species persist inside of your home. The most common insect calls we get in the winter months include cockroaches and spiders, so do not hesitate to call a wildlife removal services company if you see either of these unwanted pests.

Also common in winter are several wildlife species that can make a home out of your attic or garage. These non-hibernating species include rats, mice, and squirrels. All wildlife creatures that we remove are dealt with humanely, consistent with out IPM principles.

Pests are a problem any time of the year, and we are always open to service your home. If you are experiencing problems with pests in your home and you would like us to perform an inspection and pest control service, please call us at (912) 236-5135 and make us your wildlife removal services company today!