Bed Bug Treatment Process

Here in the greater Savannah region, it is the beginning of summer and bed bugs are festering! This scalding heat seems to make everything worse, and that means our bed bug calls have been rolling in. These pests hide in your bedding, nightstands, dressers, upholstered furniture, closets…the list is never-ending! Preferred Pest Control will treat […]

Travel Time

It’s time for vacation. It is very busy this time of year with everyone traveling and some of us will bring home the worst souvenir ever, the dreaded bedbug. One of the simplest things you can do to avoid this problem is to take a flashlight with you. Do an inspection in your hotel room […]

Flea Free

With all the moisture and heat, it’s that time of year again – flea time. A problem most people will have at one time or another. Go on vacation for a couple of weeks, and you may come home to fleas, fleas, fleas. They can be stopped with the proper treatment and patience. After we […]